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Soul Dance Co.: The Soul Experience believes that as individuals we all have something valuable to share with the world. The experiences with dance and world struggles as it pertains to race, gender, and sexuality amongst the company have led to the mission of creating an experience through moving and storytelling. The company aims to give dancers not only the opportunity to perform, but also gain experience through their personal experiences as people and artistry. The goal is to reach the audience and dancers in such a powerful way that it will lead to the relating and learning through the stories told in their work. The company hopes that audiences and performers will feel like they are a part of the process and are not alone in a world where it is so easy to feel ordinary. Through the use of poetry, music, Afro-Latin, Contemporary-Ballet, Jazz and Modern technique these souls will create and produce original work. Their work is an exhibition of physicality, endurance, and perseverance all while holding true to the human experience narratives created by the company. Although their differences as dancers, the passion and love for dance glows in each and every one of them.



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