Soul Dance Co. Academy, SDCA, was founded in November of 2019. At Soul Dance Co. Academy, we seek to aid in the evolution of each student’s technical ability, discipline, character, and professional development. Through progressive training, students receive a diverse dance curriculum with a foundation in ballet, along with modern, Afro-Cuban, contemporary-jazz, and repertory. The founder and educators of Soul Dance Co. Academy aim to create and nurture cultural experiences and connections through dance. 


Kaila M. Skates      Cory "Nova" Villegas      Kevin Williams

Academy Divisions 

Training Program

Training program dedicated to broadening the movement vocabulary of young dancers. The training program offers classes in ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz and Salsa. The training program offers standard classes, for a COVID-19 regulation compliant group setting, and private lessons (virtual and in-person), for a more individualized approach, to dancers between the ages of 8 and 17 years old.


Note: There is no audition process for the training program and requires zero prior dance experience.

Junior Company

Pre-professional division for aspiring professional dancers between the ages of 10 and 17 years old. Junior Company members are offered classes in ballet, contemporary, modern, Salsa and repertory. In addition to their standard training classes, dancers will also receive bi-monthly workshops taught by varying guest artists.

Note: Junior Company members are required to attend in-person auditions. Prior dance experience is not required, but is recommended. For more information on upcoming auditions, please see "Agenda".

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Early Registration Form Available on 4/12/21


Early Registration: April 12th, 2021- June 1st, 2021

Registration Fee: $25.00

Standard Registration: June 2nd, 2021- July 31st, 2021

Registration Fee: $30.00

Late Registration: August 1st, 2021-

Registration Fee $40.00



Tuition Rates 

Training Program: Starting at $50.00/month

Junior Company: Starting at $60.00/month

Private Lessons: Rates may vary

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